A to Z Home Inspections

A to Z Home Inspections

In a word, Great!. Very responsive office; booked inspection and set date very quickly. Inspection was extensive. Provided on-site explanations I could understand! Beautiful detailed report. Invaluable service very satisfied. Have since recommended A to Z Home Inspections to several friends and family. Simply, an excellent experience. Thank you.

 E.C., Farmingdale

Is that home you plan on buying a true bargain or an overpriced handyman's special?

Contact A to Z Home Inspections for an in-depth high quality home inspection.

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Conducting Professional Home Inspections

Our goal is to give you the information needed to make an informed decision on the home purchase. We focus on finding defects, unprofessional past repairs and safety issues before you buy!

We feel first-time homeowners should know the various systems of their home and its maintenance, to preserve its value. This is where we want to provide the utmost value to you. We take the time to make sure you are comfortable. We provide home inspection services across Long Island.

How We Started

It all began with word of mouth and then people continued to recommend and refer us to their friends. Since then, we’ve been focusing on efficiency and on providing high-quality services.

Mission Statement

A to Z Inspections’ mission is to provide extreme quality inspections. We achieve this through the integrity and professionalism of our inspectors and support team. The company is committed to our clients, as shown by our focus on each individual for whom we perform an inspection.

The company was started and continues with the core belief of being respectful and considerate to our customers and each other, always. On going in-house and NY state training assures we are current on the newest innovations and inspection techniques.

What We Do

A to Z Home Inspections

Licensed and Qualified Home Inspectors

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516-300-9448 (Nassau County)